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Sell Your House Fast Houston: 7 Tips and Tricks

sell your house fast houston

You decided to sell your house fast in Houston, and you can’t wait to buy a new place since the interest rates on homes are at record lows.

Maybe the clock is ticking, and you need to get on with your move or start your new job.

So you’re asking yourself, How can I sell my house fast in Houston or anywhere in the county?

To help you to get over the hump of selling your house faster, we are giving you the top tips and tricks you will need to supercharge the home-selling process.

How do I sell my house quickly?

First off, the fastest way to sell your house and make a sweet profit off the top is to list it with a real estate agent, that knows how to move properties in and off the market.

When it comes to selling properties there are two types of agents you need to be aware of a seller’s agent and a buyer’s agent.

If you want to sell your house as fast as possible, you want to work with the best sellers agent you can find.

Here are some key reasons why selling your home with a real estate agent is a good choice:

  • Price your home correctly: Real estate agents have access to the MLS and can run comps to get the best price for your home based on market value.
  • Staging your home: An agent with a keen eye for design will help you with decluttering and staging your home to increase the chances of it being sold quickly. Decluttering your home is one of the major things you want to do. Because potential buyers want to envision themselves living there. They do not want to see pictures of your family, trophies, and other remnants of the person that was living there.
  • Picking the right offer: An expert agent will know how to pick the correct buyer and avoid the ones who are just tire kickers. They have the experience to understand who is serious about purchasing and the potential for a contract to fall through because of lack of financing and other reasons.
  • Negotiating the best price: A good agent will know how to negotiate with the buyer’s agent and the potential buyer to get the best price that fits both parties. Remember when negotiating each party needs to feel as if they won.

Can you sell a house in 30 days?

Yes, you can sell your home in 30 days or less. However, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. The price of your home, the demand for properties in the market, and the motivation to sell quickly. There are generally three options for selling your house.

  1. You can list it with an agent
  2. Sell your house for cash to an investor
  3. Sell your home yourself using the for sale by owner strategy

Tips for selling your home fast in Houston 2021

  1. Hire a great agent

Selling your home without an agent sounds like a great idea and it is, however it can be very hard and time-consuming. We’re not here to deter you from selling your home yourself. However, using an expert to do something tends to always work out in your favor. That might be selling your home, flying a plane or going to a dentist, etc. Speak to at least three different agents to understand your local market and get an idea of your home’s current market value.

2. Get a pre-inspection

Inspections can be expensive but they are worth every penny. Many home sales include a home inspection contingency on the buyer’s side. therefore, you want to be ahead of any issues that might arise before the buyer gets their own inspection. A home inspector will look at the home’s major systems and make recommendations on what needs to be addressed. The typical inspection will cost $300 to $500 depending on the size of the home.

3. Avoid costly repairs

You want to do repairs that are budget-friendly and need to be done in order to sell. HGTV and home renovations are great, but you don’t want to put so much money into the property that it hurts your profit at the end of the sale.

4. Declutter and impersonalized

If you’re not big into cleaning many of us aren’t. Hire A cleaning company to deep clean your home. Remove any personalized items in the home such as pictures,  awards, and memorabilia. Make your home look as fresh and clean and possible. You want potential buyers to be wowed when they enter.

5. Have a buyer’s mindset

If you want to sell your home fast in the Houston area and for top dollar, you want to put yourself in the shoes of the home buyer. Think about all the things you would want to see when you enter a home and get them done. You don’t have to do this yourself, you can always hire someone with a keen eye for staging and beautifying your home.

6. Bring the outside in

Sustainability and going green has been catching on in 2021. So don’t be shy about bringing in some fresh flowers to spruce up some areas in your home. If you have a garden or access to a farmers market. Pick up some fresh produce for the kitchen counter. Trust us it will go a long way and you can offer some to potential buyers.

7. Market with virtual tours and professional photos

Many home buyers are still warry about the coronavirus as they should be. Marketing your home with professional photos and virtual tours is more important than ever. Since the start of the pandemic, buyers are using virtual home tours to narrow down the homes they want to see in person.

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