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About Sell Your Homes Houston

Sell Your Homes Houston is a Houston based family-owned company serving Houston and the surrounding areas. I am Mark Coleman the owner and operator of Sell Your Homes Houston and of the parent company, The SCD Real Estate Group. Wanting to create a legacy for my children, I named the company after them Shane, Clark, and Drew; keeping them at the forefront.

Sell Your Homes Houston

A Little About Me. I migrated to the States from Jamaica with my parents and siblings in late 1999. We settled in Missouri City where I attended Elkins High School, Houston Community College, and the University of Houston-Downtown. After ten years of going to school part-time, working full-time and while raising my first son Shane, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management. I choose management because I saw and experienced the lack of good managers and thought if I became one, I could be that person you love to work with not for.

All my jobs were physical, warehousing, food, and package delivery some sort of hands-on work. I am not an office guy, and I guess that stems from growing up in Jamaica where we spent most afternoons and weekends working on my parent’s backyard farm if you want to call it that. We raised chickens, pigs, and grew vegetables and fruits when I was younger. Now with everyone trying to eat organically and it being so expensive, I was too young to see how good we had it.
First Investment Property

My Why. What’s my purpose for creating Sell Your Homes Houston? Well, it started with my parents. They gave up everything to come to America for their children. My father went from being a middle school principal to selling lady’s shoes at Macy’s. My mother went from being a bank loan underwriter to working 18 years to the present as a Walmart deli associate. My why is to afford them the ability to retire and farm a little piece of land which I know they would enjoy so much. My second reason why is my wife and kids. I want to build them a business that can grow through generations, one that is successful enough to where they are not having to be dependent on a job or the government to provide for them. My third why is to help as many people as I can. I have seen my parents struggle to take care of 5 children and there are many families in similar circumstances.

My Son installing a fan.

The Challenge. There are many big real estate investment companies; Zillow, Open Door, Offer Pad to name a few. Unfortunately, we are small, but we are local and hands-on. Many business owners tell you to work on your business, not in it. That’s easy to say when you have employees, a marketing team, acquisition managers and everyone one under the sun working for you, we don’t. My wife answers the phones and does the marketing and I handle the acquiring and some of the rehab on the properties to cut cost. I believe in what we are doing and how we can help you solve your house selling problems. After all, Amazon started in Jeff Bezos’ garage and I have a home office, so we are already ahead (just kidding). We might not have 20+ years of experience as home investors but I have 38 years of experience interacting with people. I don’t need a multi-million-dollar business to help you. All I need is two ears to listen to your needs and the heart and drive to help you solve your problem.  

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