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How Do I Sell My House Fast? Houston, TX

Sell my house fast

Even when you are in a hot market a “for sale” sign doesn’t last very long, you might need to sell your Houston home quicker than that.

There are several ways you could take to sell your house fast. The best way comes down to your circumstance and what is best for you. With that said, here are four ways we think are great options to speed up the home selling process.

Sell using the FSBO method

Selling your home without an agent is getting more and more popular. If you do it right you might be able to sell your home very fast.

One of the main reasons this method can work so quickly is because you can sell your home to a relative or friend.

This typically works if you already have a buyer in mind and you don’t need a realtor to find one for you.

The average price of a home in Texas is $250,000. At a 6% realtor commission, you will pay $15,000 in fees not to mention closing costs and other fees too. That’s a lot of smacks you can save by selling by owner (FSBO).

Selling your home by owner has some risks you need to be aware of. Homes tend to sit on the market longer compared to listing with an agent. And you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent’s commission which is around 3%.

Also, FSBO homes are more likely to fall out of contract as well. Many homeowners aren’t quite sure what they’re doing and buyers tend to get impatient and would rather work with a realtor.

You will tend to find that many homeowners don’t put in the time and effort needed to sell their homes properly. Leading to frustrated buyers and agents.

Realtor commission is usually the biggest cost you’ll face when selling your home. So it’s a no-brainer why FSBO has increased yearly.

Sell to an IBuyer

The fastest option to sell your home in Houston will be selling it to an ibuyer. The buyer has the money, so there is no need to worry about whether their financing will fall through compared to a traditional home sale.

iBuyers are companies that buy and sell real estate through a technology platform to work directly with homeowners and buyers.

These companies aren’t local and do business on a large scale basis and sellers often find that they aren’t being listened to when it comes to their individual questions and concerns.

They are looking for properties all over the country in very good condition with minimal or no repairs needed.

They are not looking for homes that need a lot of work. They look for properties where they can give a low ball offer, charge high fees, then list it on the market for a profit.

If the property does need repair, they will often offer way less for the house, or require the seller to make the repairs before closing, in order to avoid extra risk.

iBuyers are focused on high volume and less profit per unit. Working with an iBuyer is a very cut and dry process; they have standard procedures for acquiring properties and are usually not willing to break the mold.

Their approach can be impersonal and can cause you to sacrifice on price. They are large and well known but they don’t suit specific homeowner’s circumstances like yours.

Use a real estate agent

Using a realtor has been and will continue to be a great way to sell your home. If you find the right realtor with an extensive network of potential buyers, the agent can have your home sold in no time.

Keep in mind that agents also work with investors, so you can get the best of both worlds. You can get a cash offer for your home and close it with an agent.

Local cash buyer

local professional property buyers/we buy houses in Houston companies offer a solution to homeowners that just don’t fit the typical mold of listing on the conventional real estate market.

Time is one driving force that causes homeowners like you to seek alternative methods to sell your Houston house. Life can change swiftly, making it impossible to continue to hold onto your current home.

For others, a faster closing is the benefit of working with a professional property buyer; with guaranteed closing dates, a professional property buyer can complete the transaction in a matter of days, or they can delay the closing to a more convenient day for the seller.

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