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6 Difficulties Homeowners are Facing When Trying To Sell Their Stafford Homes During Coronavirus

With the coronavirus raging around the country and the world. It has taken a toll on most economies including us here in the US.

Trying to sell your house during a pandemic is the first for most people and they are not sure what to do or how to do it.

Although it has been hard, many homeowners have used some new strategies to try and sell their homes in a safe manner.

Some of these strategies include:

  • cleaning before and after all showings
  • virtual showings
  • only one showing at a time
  • create showing kits
  • move out

If you are willing to sell your home in Stafford during the pandemic you can implement some or all of these tactics that we mentioned above.

Also, be sure to search the internet for additional ways to keep your family safe.

Here are the 6 difficulties homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Stafford homes during coronavirus.

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Both before and after showing cleaning precautions must be taken during COVID19 for the health of yourself and anyone who walks through your house.

It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to clean all the surfaces that might have been touched by people touring your home.

Not only is it an added burden on either of yourself, but you may also find yourself in the position of having to trust in the buyer’s agent to be just as careful cleaning everything as you would be.

If you are not confident in your agent, make sure you clean the home yourself at the end of the day.

Feeling confident their families will remain safe is another concern homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Stafford homes during coronavirus

Is Your Agreement of Sale on Pause?

In times of national or state emergencies, it is not unusual for closings to be delayed or canceled. These types of emergencies affect both buyers and sellers.

We found that many closings in the Houston area were delayed impart because employees were working from home or not working at all.

Often times it was hard to find contractors including home appraisers and inspectors to get homes ready for sale.

Although closing can be difficult, if both parties want to close the house sale, there is room for creative and collaborative solutions.

Work with your realtor to craft a deadline or closing extensions that meet the needs of both parties to close the transaction.


Due to the fast-paced changes in demand in the real estate industry, many agents find themselves overwhelmed.

Without being on top of today’s technology and lacking the ability to make full use of digital tools, they fall behind when attempting to meet the marketing demands and strategies to bring buyers to your door.

If your home is poorly marketed, it can determine whether you sell your home for top dollar or if it sells at all.

If your agent is utilizing all of the technology available, you can be certain that you will be covering all of the expenses in their marketing plan.

Agents provide a great service, but at a cost to you.

Homeowners are facing a heavy demand for online virtual tours and technologically savvy marketing when trying to sell their Stafford homes during coronavirus.

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No Interest

Buyer’s priorities and demands in housing have evolved along with many other aspects of our lives affected by the virus.

At this point, many buyers and sellers are more preoccupied with the virus and how it has affected their lives.

Selling and buying a home is no longer at the top of my mind.

Also, the buyers that are willing to purchase are finding it difficult to find the homes they want due to low inventory.

Another glaring reason why there is a lack of interest in buying is the economic uncertainty.

Many people have lost their jobs and some industries might not be the same going forward. Needless to say, people are shying away from large purchases.

As a side note, lenders have also implemented tougher lending rules and criteria making it harder to get loans.


As changes to the rules governing business continue to evolve, it’s imperative to keep on top of the latest developments for your city and state.

A great place to keep up with the ever-changing real estate news and information is

You can also get the information from your local realtor to find out if there are any new laws that might hinder or cancel your transaction.

Also, have your realtor review all contingencies in the contract so potential buyers don’t get cold feet and cancel the contract.


Stress is never a good thing, and people are facing high levels of stress from living through a unique time in history and dealing with the moment-to-moment changes.

Just imagining that groups of people will be going through your own home can also be extremely troubling, especially under the looming threat of the serious illness which COVID19 can become.

In most cases, moves are happening due to job loss or hardships from the illness itself, which can be devastating during the best of times.

Should there be delays in your home selling, while you are being forced by circumstances to carry out the move, it can mean up to double your usual expenses even more.

Not only do you have to worry about the pandemic itself. You have to be concerned with the movers moving your property and possibly contaminating your stuff.

All of this with no guarantee of a timeline until you finally have a closed sale and cash in your hand.

The weight of this can be magnified while attempting to sell your Stafford home.

It can be more than overwhelming when considering all that homeowners are facing when trying to sell their Stafford homes during coronavirus. 

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