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The Cost of Ownership: What Your Houston Property Is Really Costing You In The Long Run

Cost of house ownership in Houston

What is your real cost of ownership for a Houston property, do you know? Well, it might surprise you to find out that you could be losing money sitting on that unwanted house.

Have you found yourself holding on to a property that you have delayed selling? Maybe it needs work done to it and you aren’t sure how to do it.

Maybe you know what to do but you don’t have the extra cash to get the work done.

Regardless of your circumstances, you could be losing a lot of money by holding on to that property wishing one day you can make money off it.

Think long and hard about it, the expense of having that home could be holding you back from living your dreams.

Well lets dive into this article so you can understand the true cost of ownership in Houston.

More than likely your home has been your largest purchase in life, for most people it is. Well now you are trying to sell it and the circumstances are not working in your favor.

You probably invested even more for any necessary rehab and staging to list your home, just to find out the ongoing costs involved in holding the property are draining your bank account!

It’s not easy paying two mortgages, especially when one isn’t income producing.

For some homeowners its very inconvenient with having to live with potential buyers in and out of your home. The need to be ready whenever someone says they want to tour your home.

Cost isn’t always financial, your freedom and personal space are negatively impacted when your home sits on the market for long periods.

Not to mention the unqualified buyers, low ball offers, and people just looking to get ideas for their own home from your staging.

These buyers are known in the real estate industry as tire kickers. Looking but having no intention of buying.

End The Costs

You may hear about great deals where a house was listed and sold within hours or even the same day. This happens, however it isn’t typical and you shouldn’t expect these results.

Many properties end up sitting on the market for months or even years before they are sold.

The longer a home is on the market, the lower the price that is usually realized and the likelihood of additional repairs should be factored in.

Why not sell to us now and save yourself from what can become a sinking ship of unexpected risks and expenses?

We can help to end the deafening sound of silence when it comes to getting offers on your Houston property.

What Owning A House Is Costing You

The financial responsibility of keeping a home on the market can be devastating as time passes. Costs involved include mortgage, insurance, and taxes.

A great number of factors can influence the bottom line on these numbers, including variable interest rates, time of ownership, and market changes which can affect the equity you had hoped to realize on your Houston property. 

Utilities, upkeep, and maintenance are ongoing; most especially when your home is on the market and are of utmost importance to attract buyers.

These same costs of ownership can also drown you in unexpected expenses. This is especially true as homes age. 

Circumstances are ever-changing. A new job or an unforeseen opportunity may force you to move prior to your home selling, leaving you to cover unexpected costs of ownership.

You’ll need to hire professionals to maintain your Houston property from a distance, in addition to covering all of the costs of two properties.

Someone should regularly check on the property in this event to catch any new issues, including theft by someone you’ve entrusted or maintenance issues such as leaks, etc. before they turn into even larger disasters. 


The fact that your home is sitting empty can also make it an attractive target to vandals and thieves.

These are yet another possibility of costs you may incur based on your decision to sit on your Houston property.

Also, contributing to what your Houston property could really cost.

Considering all of the variables in the financial markets, the housing market, the costs and risks of maintaining an empty home and life changes that can contribute to the bottom line, these factors can severely deplete what you earn on your investment, let alone unexpected repairs or outright theft or vandalism.

It’s clear to see that time truly is of the essence. You can be sure time passing equals more costs to you.

If a home sits on the market and it isn’t generating income, it’s costing you monthly to maintain it.

When you consider all of the risks, inconveniences, the costs of ownership, and what your Houston property is really costing you in the long run, it makes sense to let us purchase your property in Houston, relieving you of the financial responsibility and risks. We’re here to help whenever you are ready.

Just remember the longer you wait the more money it will cost you.


Selling your home isn’t as easy and as fast as most homeowners think.

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s in your best interest not to hold on to a property that’s costing you a lot of money to maintain.

A great option would be to sell it to an investor so you can stop the financial bleeding.


Call Sell Your Homes Houston today at 832-535-2034 or send us a message to get a better understanding of your true cost of ownership! 

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