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Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

signs of a bad real estate agent

What are the telling signs of a bad real estate agent? In the blog post, we will go over what to look for when hiring an agent to sell your property.

Being a realtor isn’t different compared to other professions, while not typical, there are always a few rotten eggs.

So it is worth taking the time to understand who you’re dealing with before signing a contract.

Next, we will explore five signs of a bad real estate agent.

Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent: Experience

First, you should be aware of agents representing themselves as more experienced than they. They may also have others listings on their website to add a sense of legitimacy to their claims.

However, you can verify the listing agent in any city with a bit of effort. While you can’t access the MLS, researching the area of the property online, in general, should pull up local listings and contact information.

Misleading Asking Price

Another sign of a bad real estate agent is misleading the asking price.

Advising you of a misleading listing price is something else to watch for when hiring an agent.

For example, to get you excited about hiring them, an agent may advise you of an asking price that is too high.

Then as the weeks pass, they’ll suggest lowering the listing price while they still earn a tidy commission.

Because the longer a listing is on the market, the lower the final sales price, lost time will hurt you financially.

Taking the Lead

Another thing you should pay attention to when hiring a real estate agent is, you’re hiring them for their expertise and guidance to sell your home.

If your gut tells you that you have made the wrong choice in agents, you likely have if you’ve been left on your own to take the lead and ensure your house sells.

Should you find yourself in this situation, your real estate agent may lack finances, training, or simply be irresponsible. This is definitely another sign of a bad real estate agent.

Unprofessional Behavior

You should also watch out for an agent revealing private information about previous clients or other agents during your initial interview. Suppose they are disclosing too much about others.

In that case, they just may break the confidences that you’ve shared during negotiations to benefit themselves, despite the negative effect it may have on your final sales price.

Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent: Pushy

You should also pay attention to feeling pressured to make any decisions when working with a new agent to help you sell your house.

If they tend to make you feel somewhat uncomfortable or even seem to cross the line into rudeness, you may want to interview another agent.

When an agent attempts to manipulate you or force your actions, which seem to be more in their interest, you witness the signs of a pushy agent.

Late to Appointments

When selling your home there’s going to be a lot of scheduling, events, and appointments your realtor needs to keep up with. If your agent is consistently late or missing showings for open houses, inspections, or appraisals. That’s a telling sign of a bad real estate agent.

Lack of Communication Skills

Real estate transactions can move very quickly, so clear and quick communication is key. If there is a  hot property on the market and your realtor fails to contact the seller’s agent. You might miss out on your dream home. 

The agent also needs to be upfront with you about good and bad news.  A sign of a bad real estate agent is a person with poor communication skills. An agent shouldn’t attempt to sugarcoat bad news.  You want them to be comfortable with delivering any kind of updates to you.

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